Things to Do In Catonsville MD

Catonsville in Baltimore County, Maryland is a small community located on the west of the city’s border. According to the 2010 census, this community had a population of 41,567. It is a great place to spend a weekend because it is far away from the city and the peaceful life of the people and calm and quiet greenery around will relax your mind completely.

Catonsville is known for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and is home to almost 14,000 students studying in this university. Once you reach Catonsville, you would want to visit some of the tourist attractions. Make sure you hire a car to reach the following places:

1. National Aquarium

One of the world’s best aquariums is located very close to Catonsville in Baltimore County. It is just 11.4 km away from Catonsville and has a range of aquatic treasures that you will love to see. You will not only see the underwater flora and fauna, but the aquarium operators will also teach you how to participate in preserving the living systems and the world’s water resources. The National Aquarium has more than 800 species of birds, fishes, reptiles, sharks, marine mammals, and amphibians, and over 20,000 animals.

2. American Visionary Art Museum

This museum is located 11.5 km from Catonsville but will be an exciting place to visit with your family. It has the works of non-mainstream artists. However, the paintings are world class. Check out the unique structures that are inside the museum such as the mobile that spans as many as three floors, a 10-foot Lusitania model that is made of nothing but match sticks, and the whirligig, which is a 55-foot wind-powered sculpture.

3. Fell’s Point

Fell’s Point is a charming district with its history going back to the 18th century. The antique stores, historic buildings, and cobblestone streets will take you back in time. Stroll down the streets, visit coffee shops, and stop by the Art Gallery to see some of the finest works by the local artists.

4. Catonsville Gourmet

Your trip to Catonsville will be incomplete if you don’t have a sumptuous meal at Catonsville Gourmet. It has a wide range of American and local cuisine, and the taste is so good that you will want to come back for more.

If you are looking to relax for a couple of days away from city life, a visit to Catonsville will be a welcome change. Don’t forget to visit the National Aquarium when you are around because this worldie is unmissable.